Retainer For Legal Services

THE UNDERSIGNED client(s), hereby retain and employ the law firm of JORDAN LAW FIRM PLLC, as attorneys to represent them in their claim for damages against all persons liable therefore resulting from:

____ an incident which occurred on or about _____________________________


As compensation for its services we agree to pay the firm from the gross proceeds of any recovery, the following fee:

33-1/3% of any recovery up to $1 million if settled without suit;

33-1/3% of any recovery received from a settling defendant up to $1 million if suit is filed and the claim is settled before the settling defendant files an answer or a demand for appointment of arbitrators;

40% of any recovery up to $1 million received from any defendant after such defendant files an answer or a demand for appointment of arbitrators and up through the time of trial of the case;

30% of any recovery between $1-2 million;

20% of any recovery in excess of $2 million;

In the event all defendants admit liability at the time of filing their initial answers and request a trial only on damages:

33-1/3% of any recovery up to $1 million through trial;

20% of any recovery between $1-2 million;

15% of any recovery in excess of $2 million;

In the event that: (1) an appeal is filed on our behalf or by any opposing party; or, (2) post-judgment relief or action is required to enforce a settlement or judgment, we agree to pay an additional 5% of any recovery after notice of appeal is filed or post-judgment relief or action is taken.

In any action against a governmental entity, the percentage fees on any amounts recovered from the governmental entity shall be the percentages stated above or the maximum percentages permitted under the applicable state or federal statute, whichever is lower.

In the event any claim is one for which attorneys fees are recovered from the responsible parties in addition to the primary recovery, our attorneys may at their sole discretion elect to receive as full compensation for their attorneys fees, and in lieu of the percentages stated above, the amount of attorneys fees received in settlement from or awarded by the Court against the responsible parties.

Gross proceeds means the gross amount recovered from the responsible parties, including costs, interest, and attorneys fees if collected, but does not include any amount of personal injury protection, medical or other first-party benefits voluntarily paid by our own insurance company. Gross proceeds also includes amounts paid by the responsible parties against whom claim is made to medical care or other providers to whom we are obligated as a result of our attorneys efforts.

The firm will advance the costs and expenses necessary to prosecute the claim. Such costs will be deducted from the settlement. In the event there is no recovery, the client will not be liable therefore. However, in the event a settlement offer is made which the firm recommends that the client accept, and the client refuses to accept, then the client will be liable for all costs incurred and will, upon request, deposit sufficient funds in the firm's trust account to cover the previously accrued costs as well as the expected costs through trial.

This employment is on a contingent fee basis, so that if no recovery is made, the client will not be indebted to the firm for any sum whatsoever. However, in the event the client abandons the case, instructs the firm to dismiss your pending case or withdraw a claim, fails to cooperate with the firm so that the court dismisses your case, or makes material misrepresentations relating to your case or injuries so that the case must be dismissed or is involuntarily dismissed by the court, the client will be liable to the firm for all costs incurred as well as for attorney's fees based upon the number of hours expended times a reasonable hourly rate.

The undersigned clients have before signing this contract, received and read The Statement of Client's Rights, and understand each of the rights set forth therein. The undersigned clients have signed the statement and received a signed copy to keep to refer to while being represented by the undersigned attorneys.

This contract may be canceled by written notification to the attorneys at any time within three business days of the date the contract was signed, as shown below, and if canceled the clients shall not be obligated to pay any fees to the attorneys for the work performed during that time. If the attorneys have advanced funds to others in representation of the clients, the attorneys are entitled to be reimbursed for such amounts as they have reasonably advanced on behalf of the clients.







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