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Medical Malpractice law and litigation is a highly specialized area of law to practice. Few attorneys have the experience, skill and resources necessary to successfully represent patients who have been injured through the negligence of their hospital, physician, or other healthcare provider.

According to a recent study performed under the School of Public Health at Harvard University, approximately 40,000 to 80,000 people (depending upon how the statistics are interpreted) lose their life to malpractice in hospitals each year. This is more people that are killed in automobile accident every year in America. However, the study also showed that most of these cases never result in a claim being made. It is also important to note that most malpractice claims involve more subtle issues of medical or surgical care, and they are not as clear-cut as cases that sometimes make the newspapers.

In order to successfully prosecute a malpractice case, your attorney must have a substantial knowledge of medicine and healthcare law, and how the practice of medicine works. Although patterns repeat themselves in these cases, and a relatively small percentage of doctors account for the majority of the claims, each case is different. Mr. Jordan’s spends countless hours reviewing medical records and studying the aspects of your case in order to obtain the best result possible.

When choosing an attorney to represent you or your family in a medical malpractice case, there is no substitute for experience and knowledge.  Many attorneys use billboards, TV ads, and phone book covers asking you to retain them to handle your malpractice case.  Before you hire an attorney in a malpractice case, you should not be afraid to ask him or her about their experience in these complex and technically difficult cases.  Ask how many medical malpractice cases they have personally handled as the primary lawyer and how many successful recoveries have they made for clients in malpractice cases.

We have personally and successfully represented many clients in malpractice cases, primarily representing physicians and hospitals from 1979 to 1985, and almost exclusively representing patients since 1985.  These cases are time consuming to prosecute.  In the 25 years that he has practiced law, Mr. Jordan has reviewed or handled between 1,000 and 2,000 medical malpractice claims or potential claims.  At the present time he reviews approximately 100 claims per year and after a thorough review agrees to proceed with about 5 to 10 cases per year.

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