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Type Of Cases We Do Not Handle

There are cases in which we do not have expertise or interest. In these types of matters we will be happy to talk with you and help you find an attorney who is experienced in these areas, but we will not represent you. There is no cost to you for a consultation in one of these matters and we will try to arrange a referral for you if you desire. The specific type of cases that we do not handle are:

Type Of Cases We Handle

Jordan Law Firm handles a variety of cases involving serious injury and wrongful death. In all of these cases, we represent the injured person or his or her family. We do not represent insurance companies. The following are types of cases in which we will represent claimants in the event of a serious personal injury or wrongful death on a contingency fee basis:

There are also certain type of cases which do not involve physical injury and for which we will represent claimants on a contingency fee basis. These types of cases include the following: